The wolf on top of the mountain is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the mountain.  Such is true for Adaptive Insights.  Whilst they are already the dominant force in cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM), they are still hungry and climbing to take over the long-in-the-tooth, slow and bloated wolves; Oracle, SAP & IBM, for total CPM market share.

Like clockwork, Adaptive continues to improve their already stellar product suite as they look down the mountain at fallen and lesser wolves and up only at the three behemoths.  As the big guys fight it out over other product lines, their CPM suites have become neglected, opening the door for Adaptive to become the new king of the hill.

Adaptive’s June, 2017 release will include upgrades to; Adaptive Discovery (ie. add charts to documents as .png files for easy distribution & collaboration), Modelling Flexibility (ie. it will be even easier to model for daily and weekly time periods), Adaptive OfficeConnect (ie. apply multiple filters to a workbook, including the ability to change versions with a single click) and Integration (ie. NetSuite customers can quickly and easily extract a wide range of data from NetSuite enhanced saved searches with the Adaptive Integration NetSuite Adapter).  Keep an eye out for these features and many more in this release.

The climb continues for Adaptive and in turn clients benefit with great new features to further improve their financial processes.  The real fun begins when these new processes start to bear fruit; more time for analysis & strategy, accurate & timely data and clear budgets & forecasts.  This all leads to;

1) Promotions and greater job satisfaction for finance staff

2) An elevated view of the finance function within the business

3) Improved financial performance and insights for the business.

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