Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing software vendor, prides itself on its ability to help small businesses accelerate growth. But understanding how to increase its own market share proved challenging, as the company had no way to develop forward-looking, strategic financial models.

That’s when it turned to Adaptive Insights.

Infusionsoft’s finance transformation journey began when it enhanced its NetSuite ERP solutionwith our flagship Adaptive Planning product. In doing so, the company replaced static, quickly outdated estimates with quarterly rolling forecasts featuring projections that range from a single quarter to five years.

The new forecasts are now shaped by real data. Today, the company’s outlooks use actuals from Infusionsoft’s product, sales, and professional services operations, with the data flowing seamlessly from NetSuite into Adaptive Planning.

In this ROI Spotlight, we present a snapshot of the benefits Infusionsoft gained after it paired Adaptive Planning with NetSuite ERP.


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* This blog post was originally posted by Adaptive Insights.