Adaptive Planning, the leading on-demand CPM/EPM software provider, released their Consolidation Module in March 2013.

So what do we make of this new module?

Adaptive Consolidation is the latest module in the Adaptive Planning product suite. It is available stand-alone or integrated with the other 2 products in the suite – Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Discovery. As with all Adaptive products, it is cloud based, SaaS licensed and easy to use.

In terms of functionality it provides the following features:

  • Financial Consolidation
  • Intercompany Eliminations
  • Minority Interests and other methods
  • Allocation Planning
  • Multi-currency

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So what does this mean to customers and partners?

Firstly, it demonstrates Adaptives continued investment in product development. Four new product releases each year deliver a large amount of added functionality in a short period of time. Customers and prospective customers take confidence in Adaptives commitment to product development and the stability of the company.

Secondly, it completes Adaptives CPM or EPM product offering. To be classified as a full Corporate Performance Management or Enterprise Performance Management product, financial consolidations must be included. This provides our customers with a single integrated, on-demand product to provide or their CPM/EPM requirements. Adaptive now competes directly with the large on-premise vendors SAP, Oracle and IBM.

This news also means that Adaptive can be included in Gartners magic quadrant for this class of product (provided they agree to Gartners conditions for participation). It has previously been excluded due to the absence of the financial consolidation module. As an Adaptive Planning partner, selling and implementing budgeting and forecasting software, business intelligence and data visualisation and now financial consolidation, we will soon be able to learn how Adaptive Planning compares to all the other products on the market and if it’s positive (which I’m confident it will be) share this with our customers and prospects. It also gives us another product and service to offer our customers.

Please contact GK Horizons for more information about Adaptive Consolidation.