25/9/2013: Adaptive Planning has done it again. They’ve been awarded the top rating for customer experience in Forrester Researches latest customer survey. The rating was the highest of any vendor in Forresters financial performance management report. ‘Ease of use and fast time-to-value’ were the primary reasons cited in the survey.

For customers of Adaptive Planning, this will not be breaking news to you as you should already be aware of the great product and great customer service you receive from Adaptive Planning.

For prospective customers, this news should help you evaluate Adaptive Planning against your other options. Don’t just take it from us, read the article above and contact Forresters for more information.

For Adaptive Planning partners like GK Horizons, this makes helping our customers a lot easier and supports our claim that we work with the world leader in on-demand budgeting and forecasting software.

Please contact GK Horizons for more information.