GK Horizons is very proud to announce that for the sixth year running we have been awarded the Solution Provider of the Year for the Asia-Pacific-Japan region from Adaptive Insights.  This award recognises the Partner that achieves the highest value of Adaptive Insights software sales for the year and the greatest number of new logos.  We have received this award six years in a row which is a testament to our longstanding accumulated experience in implementing the most Adaptive Insights solutions within this region and our associated expertise in this world-class solution.  

In addition, we are one of the only partners worldwide to be rewarded with a second award, the Accreditation Partner of the Year for the Asia-Pacific-Japan region.  This award recognises the partner that has the greatest number of certified consultants and has the greatest number of validated client references. We are particularly proud to receive this inaugural award as it recognises both the depth of experience amongst our consulting team and most importantly it recognises the great relationships that we have with our delighted clients.

Whilst we are elated with receiving these awards, we recognise that right now many of our clients are facing unprecedented challenges.  Our focus remains on assisting our clients through this challenging time. We have received feedback from several clients that their Adaptive Insights model has enabled them to rapidly reforecast and make informed strategic decisions in response to the current challengers.  If you would like any assistance in this area, we are currently prioritizing projects of this nature. Please reach out to our team if there is anything that we can assist you with. 

We wish everyone all the best for your health and safety at this time.