Nucleus Research has declared cloud based EPM Adaptive Insights #1 two years in a row, in their recent report on all CPM (Corporate Performance Management) vendors, in functionality and usability.  Like 2013’s review, Adaptive Insights ranked higher than SAP, IBM and Oracle in usability, and was specifically cited for the strong customer service, especially in the integration of Business Intelligence and Planning applications.

Nucleus Research commented on the software’s pricing, as there are no maintenance costs, no additional upgrade costs as well as no support costs. Therefore, the leading analyst research firm justified Adaptive Insights’ acclaimed significant lower total cost of ownership.

In terms of customer service, Nucleus found that this high degree of functionality and service was a key differentiator during the selection process compared to other mid-market and enterprise-focused CPM vendors, leading to a high degree of usability and ease of implementation.

Furthermore, the scalability was particularly noted within the cloud based solution, as thousands of users can be added into the application without any direct IT involvement.  The usability within this cloud-based platform ultimately allowed Nucleus to rate Adaptive Insights as #1 out of all the 16 solutions in the report matrix.

Yalumba Wineries, who was serviced by GK Horizons, an Australasian partner of Adaptive Insights noted the CPM combined with BI capability on a single platform.  General Manager of Finance at Yalumba, Phil Armstrong said the ease of use meant the business was not reliant on IT to solve their issues. As a result they could maintain the system themselves.

Ultimately, Adaptive Insights has shown that organisations can upgrade to a better, more efficient and detailed budgeting and forecasting solution. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.