We are thrilled to announce our partnership with PlaySide who chose GK Horizons and Workday Adaptive Planning to help win their battle against the limitations of manual workforce planning (WFP).

Launched in 2011, PlaySide grew to become one of the most prominent game developers in the Australian gaming industry. PlaySide creates games for mobile and console platforms, including original IPs and titles featuring globally recognised franchises and characters.

However, with the exponential growth, PlaySide saw limitations with their current manual workforce planning system, such as inefficiencies in managing, allocating and planning the studio’s extensive game development resources. As a result, PlaySide chose GK Horizons to implement Workday Adaptive Planning for their workforce planning solution to boost their operational efficiencies.

Their WFP model is a foundation for accurately forecasting and aligning 300 game development resources with project requirements. It facilitates tracking personnel skills, availability, and utilisation against project demands.

We look forward to a smooth and successful implementation with PlaySide. Game on!