20-Mar-2015 – Adaptive Insights scores Highest in Overall value for Money: Gartner

Gartner’s annual “User Survey Analysis: Customers Rate Their CPM Vendors”.

Adaptive Insights scores highest in value for money.

Adaptive Insights scores at the top of the group for Overall satisfaction, vendor experience and Implementation ratings.

Megavendors Oracle, SAP and IBM score poorly in all these categories. Probably due to the complexity of their software requiring a lot of 3rd party support.


With Adaptive’s affordable pricing, ease-of-use and abundance of functionality, their customers obviously feel that any money spent on Adaptive has been money well spent. This correlates to several ROI studies done by Nucleus Research for budgeting and forecasting software customers Docusign and Montclair State University.

This report certainly supports the trend that everyone associated with the CPM market have been experiencing over the last few years. That is, a move away from complex and expensive solutions sold by the megavendors to the more intuitive and modern solutions from Vendors such as Adaptive Insights. This trend is also evidenced by the move of employees in this market away from megavendors to new age CPM vendors. Simply browse through linked in to see the trend yourself, starting with the profiles of our own Martin Kudlik and Matthew Grove.

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