Cube sheets are one of three types of sheets available in Adaptive Planning, the budgeting and forecasting module of Adaptive Insights product suite. Cube sheets are typically used for multi-dimensional planning and analysis such as sales planning.

Previously, customers faced with the challenge of changing a cell formula in a cube sheet across multiple organisation levels had to do so at each level. This can be a laborious task if there are many levels. In an effort to streamline the implementation process our Delivery Team, managed by Martin Kudlik, devised a more efficient method of completing this task, using the import data function to import the formulas.

“In theory, if we could import the numbers in the cube sheet, then we should be able to import the formulas too,” said Martin, in a recent GK Horizons conference.

After some initial testing, Martin had found success. By specifying the required cube account, dimension and organisational levels, it was possible to import the whole formula directly into the cube sheet. It was noted by Tony Wong, from the Delivery Team that the use of the equals (‘=’) was not needed at the beginning of the formula when entered into the template.

“Customers will love this feature,” said Tony. “It’s another easy-to-use feature of Adaptive Insights.”

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