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What’s keeping software/tech company decision-makers up at night?

It may be the baffling thought of whether currency fluctuations will affect next quarter’s SaaS sales revenue. How about ways to keep up with evolving cost structures to accurately forecast expenditure for R&D, software development and Marketing?

Software and tech organisations belong to an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Therefore, to thrive, organisations must plan rigorously and allocate resources strategically for agility. However, for most organisations, this is a challenging process. After months of preparation, most tech finance teams find their annual plans immediately obsolete for the present market. 

In fact, 80% of CFOs agree that the main reason for obsolete forecasting is the lack of timely data for their stakeholders. 

So, how can you overcome the challenge of delays in decision-making due to obsolete plans and bring agile forecasting?

The ‘Five Forecasting Best Practices’ eBook from Workday Adaptive Planning explains how software and technology companies like yours have replaced static annual plans with agile forecasts and run dynamic processes to allocate resources strategically.

By reading this eBook you can learn how to:

  • create rolling forecasts for monthly forecasting; 
  • enable collaboration with a single source of truth;  
  • model multiple what-if scenarios concurrently;
  • get business partners to take ownership of forecasting; and,
  • integrate top-down and bottom-up models and assumptions.


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