In January 2022, GK Horizons celebrated its 100th sale of Workday Adaptive Planning to Liven Pty Ltd. Liven – the dining rewards app, is currently implementing budgeting, forecasting and reporting in preparation for its next growth phase.

GK Horizons has enjoyed a successful 10 year relationship with Workday Adaptive Planning, previously known as Adaptive Insights. Our mission has always been to assist the office of finance to challenge the status quo whilst looking for improved business performance. Empowering the office of finance to make better company wide data-driven decisions – unlocking their future thinking.

The GK Horizons journey started in 2012 with RJ Hills Labs in New Zealand. Since then we’ve implemented approximately 150 FP&A transformations, building relationships with SMB, Mid Enterprise, Large Enterprise, Not for profit, Government and Educational organisations, some fledgling, some lessor known brands, and some very well known brands across APAC.

Thank you to Workday Adaptive Planning for partnering with GK Horizons to enable our clients to improve their business planning over the past 10 years.

We look forward to the next 100 – Salute!