14/06/13: All software vendors claim to be the best, the number 1 or the world leader of just about every metric relevant to their business so it was with a dose of scepticism that I learnt Adaptive Planning was rated the highest of all CPM/EPM applications for usability – especially when it was announced by Adaptive Planning themselves. To clarify; ‘usability’ is a measure of how easy a product can be learnt and mastered by a new user. We’ve all marvelled at how easy a child learns to use a smart phone or a tablet these days – it’s the same concept.

Take our situation at GK Horizons as an example – half of us are techies with very little finance background and the other half are finance people with no technical skills. However, all successfully completed the Adaptive Planning certification process in 3 weeks, so it doesn’t matter from which side of the spectrum you come. This is not a mere training course, it is a full implementation of the Adaptive Planning product that is then assessed by the head of Adaptive Planning’s Certification program and believe me they don’t give certification out lightly – I was subject to no less than 37 questions and comments during my assessment.

So it is now official that Adaptive Planning has set the bench mark among CPM/EPM vendors for usability AND customer satisfaction. On top of that, it’s more affordable than all the other products as well. If you are looking at a new Budgeting and Forecasting application, I cannot recommend Adaptive Planning highly enough.