30/07/13 – The Beyond Budgeting Roundtable (BBRT) Horngren Visionary Award was recently awarded to Adaptive Planning at the 12th Annual Beyond Budgeting Conference. The Horngren Award recognizes Adaptive Planning for expanding the reach of Beyond Budgeting and improving finance and planning processes at organizations worldwide.

This is an important recognition of Adaptive Planning software in enabling companies to become more agile in the management of their business. Forecasting more frequently and eventually dropping the annual budget is gaining more popularity in the business landscape. This can only be achieved if the forecasting cycle time is reduced, which leads most companies to move off of Excel and onto an application based solution. The forecasting cycle time can be reduced while maintaining the level of detail and coverage by replacing your Excel solution with a Budgeting and Forecasting application. Budgeting and Forecasting software like Adaptive Planning is the leading application based solution for helping companies move off of Excel and beyond budgeting.