Following the recent security vulnerability of the OpenSSL “Heartbleed”, we would like to inform all users of Adaptive Insights software, that the application is NOT affected and users can retain their current passwords without any security risks.

If however users use the same password for other web services, e.g. Google or Facebook, the password might be compromised. In that case we would recommend changing the password and maintain a unique password for Adaptive Insight software.
Click here to view a list of major websites and companies affected by Heartbleed.
The statement from Adaptive Insights:
Adaptive Insights does use OpenSSL as part of the Planning product. However, our Director of Hosting Operations and Development and our Senior Vice President of Engineering have thoroughly analyzed the vulnerability and concluded that our environment and systems are not affected. Specifically, the version of OpenSSL we employ is not susceptible to this risk.


Please contact GK Horizons if you would like to know more about the security risk and Adaptive Insights.