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“Do my current planning and forecasting tools enhance my organisation’s agility amid volatility?”

On the other hand, …

“Are my planning and forecasting processes too manual, time-consuming and siloed?”

Do these questions sound like familiar challenges for you as a decision-maker in a technology organisation?

Thriving in a volatile business environment needs agility, especially for tech organisations, where systems and procedures change swiftly. Therefore, tech organisations that want to stay ahead must learn to adapt fast. 

Adapting to change requires ‘Active Planning’. Active planning moves your organisation from static and legacy planning processes to create agility by:

  • Empowering finance teams to make accurate decisions through the predictive capabilities of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI);
  • Allowing to keep up with new market opportunities, shifts in demand and supply, and changing workforce needs and;
  • Eliminating siloed effects by bringing planning and execution together.

To sum it up, agility is a game changer for tech organisations, and active planning is the path to achieving it. 

The Planning and Execution in a Changing World – Guide from Workday Adaptive Planning is an excellent source for your finance team to learn more about active planning for tech organisations. Moreover, it also explains how Workday Adaptive technology can help you on your path to agility. Read now to learn how to keep your tech organisation ahead amid volatility!