Gartner is a leading global research and advisory firm. Each year Gartner release a report comparing Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) software solutions.  This “Magic Quadrant” report is recognised within the industry as being the most comprehensive review of FP&A software solutions which incorporates reviews from 426 respondents.

For the third year in a row, Adaptive Insights has been recognised by the Gartner report as being one of the few leaders in FP&A software solutions.  This is in addition to being recognised by customers in the ‘Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice’ review as one of the ‘Best Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions of 2019 as reviewed by Customers’.

Why choose Adaptive Insights?

So what makes Adaptive Insights stand out from other FP&A software solutions?  Adaptive Insights was praised by customers for its ease of implementation, ease of use, ease of maintenance, solution flexibility, overall experience, meeting needs versus money spent and sales experience.

Customers placed Adaptive Insights in the highest quartile in 7 of the 11 key areas surveyed. This compares with the two other leaders, Anaplan with 5 out of the 11 and Oracle in the mid quartile or below in the 11 areas surveyed.

Of particular note relating to the 2019 report on Oracle’s product is that there was no improvement on the 2018 report, and ease-of-implementation was ‘especially weak’. This can be translated as ‘an expensive and lengthy implementation’.

Regarding Anaplan, the comments about ‘requiring high degrees of customisation’ is consistent with what our clients and contacts are reporting.

Key Strengths

In comparison to other leaders in FP&A software, Adaptive Insights key strengths were:

  • Ease of implementation and a relatively short time for implementation.
  • The user interface experience including dashboard usability, self service analytics and visualisations.
  • The ongoing service and support.
  • Updates and enhancements being readily available.
  • The scalability of Adaptive Insights software making it suitable for smaller organisations through to complex implementations by large enterprises. This has been enhanced by the recent acquisition by Workday.
  • Adaptive Insights mature offering.

GK Horizons has been awarded the ‘Adaptive Insights Partner of the Asia Pacific Region’ for the past 5 consecutive years.  We are the largest and most experienced Adaptive Insights partner in Asia Pacific having implemented the Adaptive Insights software to over 93 clients in the region.  This makes GK Horizons the best placed partner to implement and support Adaptive Insights in the Asia Pacific region.

The Gartner report also highlighted the growing requirement of FP&A software customers for professional services consulting to optimise their use of the FP&A software solutions.  GK Horizons has responded to this need and we are now offering finance advisory services led by our newly appointed COO and Director of Advisory Services, Randy Wong.