Workforce Planning has come into focus as recent changes in external environmental factors have increased ‘people’ risk in most organisations. Therefore, reducing attrition, increasing employee experience, and attracting top talent whilst aligning with strategic objectives have become a challenge for many organisations. However, forward-thinking organisations are utilising data-driven insights as part of an effective Workforce Planning solution to build a better people strategy that aligns with short- to medium-term organisational strategy.

Data analytics can play a critical role in reducing employee attrition. In addition, it can help organisations make informed decisions on improving employee morale, retaining top talent and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives to achieve performance goals.

In addition to using data analytics, Workforce Planning in forward-thinking organisations also reflects a strong collaboration between Finance and HR. This collaboration helps organisations execute a successful what-if scenario analysis to overcome future workforce challenges.

Our latest edition of Digitising FP&A discusses more about how aligning HR, Finance and data insights, can help create a strategic Workforce Plan that makes your organisation future-ready.

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Workforce Planning in Forward Thinking Organisations