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Disruptions to supply chain functions, increasing energy costs, great resignation, inflation and consumer behaviour changes are some outcomes of the recent economic turbulence. As a result, most organisations worldwide are now prioritising hyper-speed planning solutions to better predict and simulate different scenarios to create agility amidst volatility. xP&A (Extended Planning and Analysis) with Acterys Power BI is a promising solution helping organisations adapt to change and make informed decisions through fast and accurate data insights. 

Acterys specialises in all aspects of planning and data model automation, and with Acterys Power BI, organisations can quickly analyse integrated, modelled and transformed data. Moreover, with its built-in write-back capabilities, organisations can create unique Power BI visuals for scenario planning in real time. These capabilities benefit an organisation by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making, especially during economic fluctuations. 

Watch the planning at hyper-speed webinar to see how Acterys Power BI and xP&A capabilities can; 

  • provide a single source of truth at your fingertips to make intelligent business decisions; 
  • help model scenarios to overcome the repercussions of external environmental changes, and;
  • increase your finance office’s efficiency by eliminating manual data collection and loading processes. 


  • Martin Kratky (CEO & Founder – Acterys)
  • Anders Liu-Lindberg (Partner/Chief Commercial Officer – Business Partnering Institute)

Click here to watch the on-demand version of Planning at Hyper-speed: Reacting to Change in Turbulent Times.