Acterys is a planning and analytics platform (EPM – Enterprise Performance Management solution) which connects to a variety of accounting systems and other sources to improve budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes.

Acterys scored 4.61 (5 being highly satisfied) for overall customer satisfaction with a 94% recommendation rate by the 2022 BPM Pulse Survey. Overall, the survey recognised Acterys as a top-rated core vendor for its superior Integration and Dashboarding capabilities.

In addition to the above, the survey has identified Acterys as a quick, easy and smart solution for extended planning and analysis (xP&A) and has also highlighted on their recent developments such as,

  • the Acterys Hub and how it further streamlines data integration and modelling,
  • Power BI automation,
  • Rapid Results Pack in Acterys App Store, and more.

The survey report has also mentioned below areas as their core strengths.

  • ease of use;
  • Excel UI;
  • product flexibility;
  • low total cost of ownership and,
  • quick implementation.

As an Acterys solution provider, GK Horizons is proud of their continued recognition for fast integration, performance management, dashboarding and financial reporting capabilities.