Driver based budgeting and forecasting. Be more agile than your competitors.


Our latest Future Thinking CFO Edition 2 discusses why accurate organisation-wide data is important to make the most informed business decisions. Why not try driver-based budgeting and forecasting for a new financial year?

A driver-based budgeting and forecasting approach has multiple benefits. It allows the office of finance to produce an up-to-date forecast based on key business drivers. Moreover, it assists the forecasting process to be more efficient and effective.

This helps create strategic decisions that may provide a more agile approach than your competitors.

Chief Financial Officers (CFO) will be able to more effectively discuss key performance drivers with budget holders and assess the bottom line impact of applying “what if” analysis.

Simply, the business world is changing, and every organisation needs a planning process that is easier and more agile. Driver-based budgeting is the way forward for more informed business performance.

Interested to know more about how driver-based planning can help the office of finance bring more value to the organisation?

Download our Future Thinking CFO Edition 2 report for free to read more about the:

  • benefits of driver-based budgeting and forecasting;
  • way driver-based planning can help you to be more agile than your competitors;
  • importance of looking at the budget through the business lens to collect organisation-wide data on key business drivers; and,
  • benefits of financial transformation – is there a better technology than spreadsheets?