Melissa Sutcliffe, National Finance Manager, from Engineers Australia (EA) contributed a fantastic review of Adaptive Insights and GK Horizons at the Sydney Adaptive Insights Roadshow in February.

(Melissa Sutclife demonstrating the selection process in replacing their Hyperion EPM)

Melissa had replaced her Excel budgeting and forecasting solution with Adaptive Insights back in late 2013 and felt the benefits almost immediately.

In her presentation, Melissa admitted to almost never completing a forecast due to the large manual effort required with the Excel solution. With Adaptive Planning’s award winning Budgeting and Forecasting software, she has for the first time in her role as National Finance Manager completed a detailed forecast which has helped with the organisations future planning cycles.

“We would always make a rough estimate on our forecasts because doing them in detail would take too much time,” said Melissa, “Data reconciliation and confidence in the accuracy was a major issue, so we needed to find a way to overcome this problem.”

Melissa discussed the selection process of GK Horizons over other competing products.  This was when Matthew Grove and Martin Kudlik, from GK Horizons, the award winning partners of Adaptive Insights, had approached Melissa and informed her of the tangible benefits of moving to the cloud with Adaptive Insights to complete their financial planning and analysis. Melissa and Michael Allen, CFO at EA, were instantly impressed.

Melissa had nothing but praise for Matthew and Martin’s work during during the implementation which has allowed the Engineers Australia team to understand the different facets of their financial data at a more detailed level.

The implementation process was a very smooth one with Melissa’s finance team encouraged to participate as per GK Horizon’s hybrid implementation approach. EA team members learnt to create models, load data and create reports.

GK Horizon would like to thank Melissa for her time at the Adaptive Insights Sydney Roadshow and congratulate her on an excellent presentation.

If you had any questions regarding the Engineers Australia implementation of Adaptive Insights, or how GK Horizons can provide an agile solution for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.