Phil Armstrong, General Manager of Finance and Administration at Yalumba Wineries presented at the 2014 Adelaide Adaptive Insights Roadshow. GK Horizons and the team from Adaptive Insights was there to support Phil’s presentation in front of over fifty existing customers and prospects.

Phil had discussed how Adaptive Insights had changed the way the budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes operated since their on-premise Hyperion solution.

“It was a long overdue replacement,” Phil had said in his presentation. “Adaptive Planning has proven to be capable & flexible software that is allowing us to achieve our (Yalumba’s) budgeting and forecasting objectives.”

Adaptive was chosen as it had the right feel, right size, logical, cloud based & right price. In his presentation Phil stressed that he was after a software package capable consolidating and simplifying the planning process with further agility to obtain ‘what if’ type analyses.

GK Horizons were chosen as Yalumba’s implementation partners due to their commercial knowledge as well as their product knowledge. Phil and the rest of his team at Yalumba felt very comfortable that they understood their requirements. Phil had finally stated that the ownership and acceptance of the software by the users has been rapid; “We now have a sound, logical & consistent platform to develop our planning processes.”

GK Horizons thanked Phil for the kind words within the presentation at the 2014 Adelaide Roadshow. If you had any questions about the Yalumba case study, or about Adaptive Insights or GK Horizons, please do not hesitate to contact us.