The Chief Financial Officer for Hill Laboratories, Alistair Brown, kindly presented at the 2014 Adaptive Insights Roadshow in Auckland earlier in September. It had marked the first financial year end of Hill Laboratories using Adaptive Insights, over their former budgeting and forecasting tool Excel.

Overall, Alistair had only positive things to talk about Adaptive Insights including the automatic consolidation of information as well as the ergonomic functionality of the cloud based application.

“Excel spreadsheets were OK for doing our simple planning and forecasting. However, we needed to do more in depth analyses and for that we needed to use something more powerful, but just as easy to use as Excel. Because of that, we had chosen Adaptive Insights (formerly Adaptive Planning).”

Alistair had commended Matthew Grove and Martin Kudlik from GK Horizons for their outstanding implementation of the software. In his presentation, Alistair vividly emphasised their single hour of support used post-implementation.  He mentioned that, “the functionality of the software allows us to forecast a lot fitter, and deeper than spreadsheets would ever allow.”

GK Horizons wanted to thank Alistair for his kind words in his presentation the 2014 Auckland Roadshow. If you had any questions about the 2014 Roadshow, or about Adaptive in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.