About GK Horizons

Our focus is “Digitising FP&A” – the transformation of your Financial Planning and Analysis function, inclusive of your people, processes and technology requirements.

GKH exists to make your Office of Finance perform better, function more efficiently and help your organisation make better decisions.

We work with multiple vendors providing best fit software solutions to assist your Office of Finance Budget, Forecast, Model Scenarios and Report better.

We look to unlock your Future Thinking, and promote longevity in our partnerships by developing mutually beneficial relationships.


We all benefit by lifting your office of finance away from low value tasks towards high value future thinking.


Many CFOs struggle to meet the demands the future is placing on them. We exist to make the office of finance look better by breaking the mould; to enable finance to be free of disconnected decision making and inefficient practices by driving insightful decisions and greater accountability with well designed & easy to use financial solutions.

Value Proposition

All companies encounter barriers to achieving their objectives, that is the nature of business. We work with our clients to remove these barriers by transforming their people, processes, and technology, unlocking future thinking.

We start with the office of finance and their planning and reporting processes, then expand into our clients more strategic initiatives.

Developing and nurturing mutually beneficial long-term relationships is the key to our shared success.

Our Team

“The key is getting the right people and there’s no doubt about it, the people who we had on the implementation up for Workday Adaptive Planning (Adaptive Insights), the GK Horizons team was second to none, it was absolutely a vital part of a successful implementation.”

Mason Robinson, Finance Manager
Port Nelson

“We found that going with GK Horizons helped us solidify exactly what we’re trying to achieve out of the system and also they helped us with the global side of the business.”

Phil Armstrong, General Manager
Finance and Administration

“One of the main things with working with GK Horizons, that made a huge impact for us, was their ability to implement and deliver the configuration of the product for us within budget and within time, and that obviously is a huge benefit to us at implementing the product.”

Alistair Brown, CFO
Hills Laboratories

Internal Value Proposition

Be Authentic

  • Do what you say and say what you do.
  • Know yourself, be yourself.
  • Act with Integrity.

Be Flexible

  • With your time and effort, your accommodation of others and your willingness to learn.
  • Family and personal time is important, take the time to look after yourself and your family.
  • Give flexibility to GKH, receive flexibility in return.

Be Brave

  • Try new things, do not fear failure or make decisions based on fear.
  • Speak up if you need help, more time, advice, guidance, feel uncomfortable or you just don’t understand something.
  • Stretch your capabilities and be comfortable to communicate this.

Be Responsive

  • Respond in a timely manner.
  • Anticipate and acknowledge others dependency on you.
  • Responsive communication builds strong relationships.

External Value Proposition


We cultivate client relationships by ensuring engagement at every level of the GK Horizons team from CEO to Sales.


We are only successful if you are successful, so we listen to and focus on your objectives.


We aspire to forge long-term relationships to be there with you through business changes and to celebrate milestones.

Future Thinking

We believe financial transformation occurs, not just through technology, but also through your people and processes.

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