As a CFO, you have a lot of responsibilities beyond just financial reporting, audit compliance, and cash management. Nowadays, being a CFO also means managing risk, providing decision support, focusing on ESG, and engaging in strategic planning to face the constantly changing business environment. In short, being a modern CFO requires a broader skill set, greater responsibilities, and a strategic vision for the future. So, how can you simplify these complexities and become a future-thinking CFO?

View edition three of our Future Thinking CFO eBook and video, an interview-style publication with peer-to-peer stories featuring Dimitri Aroney, a former CFO at 3P Learning. In the publication, Dimitri shares insights and experiences as a CFO that helped him navigate challenges in the communication, media, and technology (CMT) industry.

Whether you work in CMT or any other industry, this publication provides a view on how to effectively navigate modern complexities and leverage technology for better finance outcomes.

Here is a snapshot of the contents in Future Thinking CFO 3:

  • A look back at the CFO role
  • Trends in the technology sector
  • Variations in strategy for fast vs. slow growth
  • Using the budget as a communication tool
  • The evolving CFO as a change agent
  • Embracing technology

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