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If you attended Broaden Your Horizons 5, you’d now know how to cost and understand the value of a bowl of fruit!

Co-hosted with Workday Adaptive Planning and Workday Peakon Employee Voice, everyone had a great evening with spectacular views and amazing canapes at Work Club (200 George Street). We were joined by our esteemed panellists – Geoff Martin (Think Big HR), Ooi Keong Yeo (Senior Business Psychologist, Workday Peakon Employee Voice) and our very own Randy Wong (CFO, GK Horizons) who discussed the selection, cost and value of a bowl of fruit to an organisation.

We all know employees are often an organisation’s biggest expense yet, they’re also their biggest asset. Therefore, the conventional method of offering a bowl of fruit as an answer to employee engagement issues isn’t necessarily the best solution for modern Workforce Planning challenges.

Future thinking organisations are aligning HR, Finance and Employee voice data to forecast workforce planning issues, such as, attrition rates and the future impact they have on their organisation.

Our guest speakers discussed:

  • Organisations are moving from manual to automated HR processes to improve and drive employee engagement.
  • Efficiencies in collating and analysing employee feedback, understanding its impact on tangible business outcomes, and creating action plans across their organisation should be a critical initiative across HR, Finance and leadership teams.
  • Continual listening is becoming more important.
  • Working with Finance, employee engagement data provides valuable insights into attrition rates (e.g., potential to drill down by region, department and role), leading to effective workforce planning.

Workday’s Peakon Employee Voice and Adaptive Planning works together to enable organisations to listen and plan, continually.

Congratulations to David Waghorn (Resimac) who yet again, was the lucky door prize winner guessing the closest to the cost of our bowl of fruit.

Thank you to all our guests, our panel speakers and the Workday team including Jessica Humphries, Chris Ayres, Vince Randall, Ranjan Deshmukh, and Hanjoo Yoon for supporting this event.

If you’d like to learn more about aligning Finance and HR for effective Workforce planning, click here to read the latest edition of our Digitising FP&A.

Broaden Your Horizons Broaden Your Horizons