10 years through, and what better time is there to reflect on the past?

We received our certificate of registration from ASIC on September 27th 2012, bringing to life an idea that Martin and I had several years earlier. Since that day, we have helped 123 companies, 123 finance and business teams, and many more professionals be better, plan better and sleep better.

I’m sure, like most companies, our founding years were not a linear journey from bottom left to top right. There have been many high-lights sprinkled with plenty of low-lights. But despite them, and because of them, we are here, stronger for it and living proof that you need to keep moving and adjusting to survive and thrive.

I started GK Horizons (GKH) to improve my life and my family’s life; no apologies and no regrets there. To improve the lives of our employees; we’ve had plenty of people develop their careers and either move on to other pursuits or stay and grow with GKH. Some have left and come back. To improve the lives of our partners; we’ve helped expand several software vendors in this region and plan to repeat this as this is one of our strengths. To improve the lives of our clients; we simply would not be here if we didn’t focus on our client’s objectives.

Having worked with such a wide variety of clients, industries and personalities put us in the unique position of pretty much having seen it all.

So what are the high-lights and low-lights?

In all honesty they share the same source – employees, clients and partners either providing recognition for doing a job or not! That recognition or feedback can either add a spring to your step or keep you up at night; both fundamentally linked. But it all starts with seeking and listening.

Happy Birthday GKH!