GK Horizons understands the demands the future places on the office of finance and works to overcome those demands through the transformation of their people, processes and technology.

We also recognise the demands placed on our environment and the challenges the future will bring.

To that end our Social Responsibility Programme launched its first event last week with a team clean up around Cape Henry Waterhouse Reserve on Friday 27th November 2020, through the streets to Admiralty House and back up to the Jeffery Street Jetty.

Our team met at the Lounge Bar Café in Milson’s Point for breakfast before heading out.

We scoured the parks, jetties, streets, foot paths and gutters picking up and collecting 9 bags of rubbish over a two-hour period whilst meeting and chatting to the local residents and tourists.

Thank you to Clean Up Australia for provided us site suggestions, bags and gloves for safe rubbish collection and our Kate for organising the event.

If you are looking to organise an event please go to www.cleanup.org.au.