Board Live Webinar with Microsoft on FP&A Transformation


Business environments are changing quickly, and uncertainty has become a greater challenge. Therefore, a transformation in FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis – Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting) process is important for finance teams now more than ever.

An intelligent finance planning and reporting is key for agility. Therefore, this has given more weight to FP&A Managers to deliver accurate forecasts to make better decisions to adapt for uncertainties.

So, how can your finance team lead an FP&A transformation to adapt to change and uncertainty? Would you like to hear how it was done at a leading global organisations?

Board International, one of GK Horizons’ planning solution vendors (EPM/CPM) will be proudly collaborating with Anita Ratkovic Andric, the CFO at Microsoft Switzerland, to deliver a live webinar to share how to crack the code of intelligent finance planning.

Anita has been working at Microsoft since 2007, and has gained valuable experience through many Finance roles. She will be sharing how key planning transformation drivers such as XP&A, driver-based, scenario management, automation, predictive analytics and, real-time collaboration, impact daily business performance in a leading organisation.

It is time to pivot faster with an FP&A transformation. Register now to secure your spot for an informative chat with a Microsoft CEO.