Agile finance transformation


Evolving technologies have created ample new opportunities for digital planning and reporting transformations. This change allows companies to access more insightful data than ever before. Organisations that stick to traditional processes will be left behind, giving those organisations that adopt digital finance transformations an edge on their competitors. Therefore, leading an agile finance transformation is a choice that a Financial Controller must make.

Moreover, Controllers are not merely number crunchers. They must become custodians of performance and drivers of future strategy. While Controllers are responsible for ensuring their companies are compliant with guidelines and regulations, focusing only on this aspect reduces their contribution to the overall strategy. Therefore, Controllers must become strategic transformational leaders for continuous agility.

Furthermore, to become a transformation leader, Controllers should be enriched with:

  • data literacy,
  • analytic skills and;
  • a forward-thinking mindset.

Controllers with above skills will become true value creators to an organisation when they lead digital data transformations.

So, as a Controller, would you lead an agile finance transformation? Or, be led? Frankly, it’s your choice.

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