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Do you envy your competitor’s ability to take on industry challenges and succeed?

Well, there’s no secret; it’s most likely because they’ve transformed their FP&A process from static to active planning and are more able to face challenges head-on! 

Legacy planning methods are continuing to let the finance team down rather than enabling them to meet the challenges of this rapidly changing world. On the other hand, a contemporary planning process helps your team reach better decisions quickly, allowing you to gain an edge over your competition while increasing your Finance team’s value and credibility. 

So why let spreadsheets limit your decisions for tomorrow’s uncertainties when you can get from ‘data to decision’ faster and smarter with FP&A transformation?

Join ‘Transforming FP&A in a Volatile Market‘, a live webinar with Board International and Microsoft, to discover how intelligent companies navigate challenges with market volatility and are transforming their FP&A process to drive growth and success. 

 By participating, you’ll get the opportunity to learn;

  • The urgent directives facing finance leaders and how to approach these; 
  • How finance teams can add value beyond the typical day-to-day activities;
  • How to do more with less in today’s volatile markets; and,
  • The role technology plays in transforming the finance function and how to get from Data to a Decision and Action faster.

FP&A transformation for smarter planning starts now!

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