Effective organisational planning


Is your Finance team siloed from the rest of the operational departments? If yes, you are not alone. Finance teams of many organisations experience the same challenge as effective organisational planning is important for agility.

Collaboration elevates the road to success and being in a silo restricts access to accurate information for planning and budgeting. Therefore, effective organisational planning for your Finance department is important to bring collaboration, accuracy and structure to the FP&A process.

Join Nigel Ephraums, the Senior Solution Architect at Board, for a 30-minute demo on strategic planning for your office of finance.

Nigel will be explaining how Board’s technology can help combine a fully integrated business planning approach with workflow and planning capabilities to have a continuous planning cycle using;

  • Scenario-based, interactive and agile budgets and forecasts
  • An end-to-end operating model that breaks the silo effect and,
  • Real-time analytics and data-driven forecasts for accurate decision-making.

So, if you want to have a better strategic plan for the finance department and be future-proof, register now and save your seat with Board.

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