supply chain planning webinar with Board

Agile supply chain planning is integral to driving success for your organisation’s bottom line in today’s dynamic business landscape. So, what best practices and strategies should you follow to bring value and agility to your planning process?

Eager to know the answers?

Register now to join ‘The State of Supply Chain Planning Solutions 2023: Market Analysis with Wipro and Dresner‘ webinar on 27 July, where a panel of industry experts conduct an interactive discussion about:

  • Value-adding strategies planning executives can focus on in 2023;
  • What planning capabilities are most impactful in managing volatility;
  • Best practices for supply chain planning processes to implement today;
  • Barriers to adopting a new planning solution (and how to overcome them); and,
  • Critical criteria to use when evaluating planning solutions for your business.

Moreover, by registering for this Board event, you will take home a complimentary copy of the ‘Wisdom of Crowds Supply Chain Planning and Analysis Market Study’.

What’s included in the report:

  • Accurate market size estimations and growth projections.
  • Up-to-date trends and key drivers impacting the industry.
  • Comprehensive analysis of top solution vendors.
  • Insights into customer satisfaction levels and adoption rates.
  • Expert recommendations and best practices.

Together, let’s unlock the future of agile supply chain planning and drive sustainable growth.

27 July 2023 | 1 PM AEST

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