A Valentine’s dilemma in the cloud of the Adaptive Suite. Adaptive Planning is torn between Adaptive Consolidation and Adaptive Discovery! Here are the letters that Adaptive Planning has written:

Dear Adaptive Consolidation,

You are my fire, of true desire. Believe me when I say, you make life complete. You consolidate everything for me into one concise data set, regardless of where the money is spent or earned.

You take care of the intercompany transfers and eliminations and even apply journals, all without complaint or error. I can then create the budgets and forecasts, and between us there is no P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow or variance report we cannot deliver. We are a perfect match sharing a common data model and data structures that ensure we operate in total harmony.

However, there is someone else in my life who is also compatible with my life function and has caught my attention.

Yours truly,

Adaptive Planning


And the next lettter to Adaptive Discovery….


Dear Adaptive Discovery,

You are a worthy candidate this Valentines Day. Although you are not deep, you certainly know how to present a point of view, adding beauty and simplicity to a previously challenging scenario of endless streams of information.

You bring out the best in me and bring pride to the work I do. Your beautiful dials and extravagant dashboards ensure that my output is consumed and appreciated. I don’t even have to push any buttons to get integrated with you, it feels so natural.

Your magic discovery touch can even extend beyond my output, you can make any data set meaningful and beautiful.

Yours truly,

Adaptive Planning


To find out what happens over this Valentine’s Day weekend, please contact us. We’d love to share this story!

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