Announcement of Pegasus Media and Logistics selecting GK Horizons and Workday Adaptive Planning to implement the Jump Start project.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pegasus Media & Logistics who selected GK Horizons and Workday Adaptive Planning to initiate the Jump Start project. Pegasus is well-established as one of Australia’s leading firms in print production, logistics, and sourcing.

With Pegasus’s exponential growth since its inception in 2022, its finance team identified the limitations and risks of relying on complicated spreadsheets as a financial modelling tool. Therefore, their primary objective in considering Jump Start for Workday Adaptive Planning was to increase accuracy and collaboration around business decisions.

“As we aim for improved profitability and seek more efficient, scalable, and collaborative financial planning processes, the limitations of Excel have become increasingly apparent. Transitioning to Workday Adaptive Planning represents a strategic investment in our financial infrastructure, enabling us to leverage advanced analysis, automate processes, and foster better organisational decision-making.” – Frank Shapter – CFO, Pegasus Media & Logistics-

We look forward to our long journey with Pegasus Media & Logistics.

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