Adaptive Insights, the global leader in cloud Corporate Performance Management software, continues to improve their already stellar suite.  Adaptive typically releases 3 to 4 major releases per year and the first of 2017 includes some exciting features.  Adaptive keeps delivering budgeting and forecasting software to make your life easier and here are some highlights;


  • Visual Model Overview: Graphical view of relationships between model building blocks such as sheets, assumptions, and accounts, making it easier to understand how your model works
  • Master formula type: New formula type for General Ledger and Custom accounts that can be used to override all other formulas for things like year-to-date income/loss in retained earnings or cash flow calculations
  • Bulk structure update: Accounts, levels, dimensions can be updated in bulk via Excel file upload Modelled sheet structure import to streamline structure updates
  • Modelled sheet import: Download a modelled sheet definition and upload it as a new sheet to streamline copying modelled sheets from sandbox instances to production
  • Dimension attributes can now be used as columns on modelled sheets, making them usable in many more models


  • Refresh sheets with the latest planning data – without losing any of your pending changes
  • Retain Excel formulas in offline Adaptive planning models and push the resolved number to the server
  • Multiple Versions on Sheets now available in Excel Interface for Planning


  • Report notes can now appear in the rightmost report column
  • Reusable reports: Build new reports from components of existing reports
  • Repeating reports in OfficeConnect to generate reports for different levels and rollup structures automatically
  • Find and replace in OfficeConnect


  • Ability to limit visible dimensions in data point and dial level drill-downs
  • Selectable colour and leaf-nodes in map dial
  • Cumulative sum in column, line and area charts


  • Automatic journal entry reversals
  • Journal entry import

What does this mean for you as existing Adaptive clients?  Luckily, as you know, upgrades are done automatically at no cost to you so from January you would have begun enjoying these amazing features.  To ensure you’re getting the most out of Adaptive and the new features we are offering free 1-on-1 sessions to help you get up to speed.  Stay tuned to our blog also as we will be writing in more detail about these new features in the coming weeks.

To book your 1-on-1 or inquire about this new functionality, contact us today.

GK Horizons Team