Each year a dedicated team of motorcycle riders take on the huge challenge of riding from the eastern most point in Australia to the western most point, over 7,500kms!  This marks the 6th year of the event known as Great Australian Ride the and it’s all to support Red Nose Day.

Annually, 3,200 Australian families experience the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child.  Through world-class research, advocacy and education the team at Red Nose passionately believe they can put an end to this.  To date the Great Australian Ride has raised over $250,000 and this year GK Horizons is doing our part to help out.

The adventure begins August 6th and our Director of Professional Services, Martin Kudlik, is hopping on his bike to raise much needed funds.  This cross-country journey will pose a great challenge but will also provide beautiful scenes and inspiring moments.  Martin will share his experiences with us as he goes so stay tuned to this post as we’ll update it regularly throughout the 3 week crossing.


Week 1 – Early Days

Day 1 – After an emotional presentation dinner the night before, the team was up early and bikes were at the ready for day 1.

Day 2 – The next day the real adventure started with the riders dodging sheep (no photo’s for obvious reasons) across the open country.  Martin made sure to do two important things; wish his son a happy birthday and finish up the day with a pint 🙂

Day 3 – Next came a long day in the saddle, finishing up in Louth.




Week 2 – Not so Girt by Sea

We’re happy to say that to date (Friday, August 18th) Martin has raised over $9,000 for Red Nose Day!  Definitely a great achievement but we’d love to hit the $10.000 mark!

This leg of the trip includes stops in Birdsville, Alice Springs and the Simpson Desert.  Martin commented, “The Simpson crossing was great. We took French line, the most difficult of them all with deep sand and twisty trails across 1,100 sand dunes. It took us three days to complete in 40 degree heat at times.”  Exhausting work but still fun and for a great cause, well done Martin!

This is the 3 States Marker, bonus points if you can guess the 3 States 🙂

Is it Mars?  Nope, just part of our wonderous outback.

I’m sure our Director of Business Development and “Frustrated Golfer”, Matthew Grove would give this round a crack.

A beautiful horizon shot because, well, it’s in the name 🙂

Our very own Sandman!

French Line?  Sounds easy enough.  Actually, not so much.

And finally, another token “horizon” shot 🙂




Week 3 – Go West Young Man, Go West!

The home stretch, only a few hundred ridiculously complicated sand dunes to go.  Despite Martin accumulating some bumps and bruises and going over-the-handlebars a few times, he finished this monumental ride!  CONGRATS MARTIN!

Martin promised he didn’t photoshop this, you be the judge.

Is Martin more impressed with Uluru or is Uluru more impressed with Martin?  Good thing he didn’t go over-the-handlebars here :0

Congrats also to Martin’s bike, what a warrior.  Can we call him Mad Max?

Almost all 7,500kms have been travelled.

He made it!  The westernmost point of mainland Australia, Steep Point.  What an accomplishment!  

In total Martin and the team at GK Horizons raised over $9,000 for Red Nose Day and we couldn’t be happier.  As a business we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and although this event was a lot of fun (and hard work for Martin) it was ultimately all for this incredible cause.  Annually, 3,200 Australian families experience the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child.  We try to do our part and thank all of you for your contributions over the past few months.  

Thanks again for everyone’s support and travel home safely Martin, you deserve a cold beer (or two) on the flight back from Perth…unless you want to ride back? 🙂