This is part 2 of our 2-part blog post covering the acquisition of Adaptive Insights by Workday.

In our first post we discussed the impact on existing Workday customers. In this post we will discuss the impact on existing Adaptive Insights customers.


Increased Product Development

A larger company that is publicly listed leads to more R&D dollars to go around. With potentially larger budgets it is expected that product development will accelerate even faster. The rate of development on the Adaptive suite since they removed Java in 2016 has been outstanding, we can’t wait to see this kick into another gear altogether. The sky is the limit here loyal customers.


Using Workday’s HCM and ERP

The potential to one day use Workday’s world class HCM and ERP solutions, integrated with Adaptive Insights. There are 2 possibilities here;

  1. The growth of each individual Adaptive(removed ’s) customer is such that they enter the Enterprise Realm that Workday target. What a way to celebrate your growth and success by rewarding your employees with the now legendary Workday experience.
  2. Workday develop a mid market solution with pricing to match. This is nothing but speculation and no indication has been given by Workday here but one servicing Adaptive’s existing mid market customers with existing Workday solutions surely has to be considered.


Market Place

Adaptive will be added to Workdays Market Place for industry and pre-built solutions. Customers can search the Market Place for suppliers of a specific solution providing greater access to industry knowledge.



The touch points that you now have with Adaptive will continue as normal – partners, support, renewals, customer success. They will continue to support all Adaptive’s customers no matter what their ERP is. If anyone suggests that Workday will start discouraging any customers use of another HCM or ERP this is plain madness.


If you want to learn more about Workday’s acquisition of Adaptive and how it will impact you please contact us.