We at GK Horizons have been excited about the new OfficeConnect feature since first learning about the product.  It is due to be released in the 2014.2 Adaptive Insights upgrade on September 20.

“With Adaptive OfficeConnect, it’s easy to create high-quality reports, board books and presentations with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint”, said Martin Kudlik of GK Horizons. “It’s fully connected with Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation and it’s the best way to create dynamic, quality reports always based on the latest data.”

The integration feature allows for reports to be automatically updated to the latest data with a single-click. This is a further positive change as there is no need to manually re-key, copy or paste, or reformat after each data update.

Resultantly, the OfficeConnect feature allows the latest data to be comprehensively integrated in seconds into Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and PDF.

“We all need to present information visually in one form of Office or another,” Martin had said at the Adaptive Insights Roadshow in Sydney earlier this month.

The OfficeConnect feature will be available for purchase later this month to all Adaptive Insights customers. If you would like more information about OfficeConnect and how it can make reporting budgets or forecast more efficient, please contact us.