If your organisation’s strategy isn’t reflected in your financial budget or forecast how can you be confident in hitting your goals and succeeding in your job?

If you haven’t factored in the key risks facing your business into your budget how prepared are you?

GK Horizons knows the office of finance and the challenges it is facing, so we are pleased to announce a new partnership with CAMMS Group – a Strategy, Risk and Project Management software vendor.

GK Horizons have been working for many years in giving finance teams around the globe more time to perform more value-add tasks (less spreadsheet, more analysis and business partnering). Now we are taking the next step in our evolution so finance professions can take theirs, by further supporting the concept of a strategically focussed finance team.

“This is the next step in our evolution as a service provider to the office of finance. We exist to support the CFO, support their business. By adding Strategy Management, Risk Management and Project Management software to our offering we open the opportunity to align these processes with financial management. In the process we are encouraging and supporting CFO’s to get involved in these critical processes.” GK Horizons CEO, Matthew Grove.

“We’re excited by the opportunity to partner with GK Horizons, a proven reseller of Adaptive Insights nationally over the past 5 years. With the business world changing rapidly, the ability for the Board and Executives to assess the changing risk landscape, make quick and bold decisions and drive accountability for the execution of mitigation strategies is becoming critical for survival. Combining the power of CAMMS’ Strategy and Risk Management platform with Adaptive Insights for Financial Planning and Forecasting will provide customers to remain agile, decisive and weather the storm”. CAMMS Group CEO Warwick Kirby.

The future of finance is here. If you have Risk, Strategy and Financial governance front of mind please join Aaron Mullins, Vice President, Asia Pacific at CAMMS and Matthew Grove, CEO at GK Horizons in their upcoming live webinar here to explore the benefits this partnership can have for your business. Or please get in touch.

About GK Horizons

Founded in 2012, GK Horizons is a multi-award-winning management consulting company focused on solving the challenges finance and senior business leaders face by providing the ability to make faster and smarter decisions using industry leading Software.

With 90+ clients and 7 regional awards from Adaptive Insights, GKH is leading the way with initiatives that deliver the future of finance in the 3 areas of business success: Strategy, Risk and Budgeting/Forecasting.

About CAMMS Group

The company was founded in 1996 and has grown to establish itself as a leader in Enterprise Performance Management globally, with 400+ customers across Asia Pacific, North America and the United Kingdom. CAMMS’ customer base extends across Local, State and Federal Government, Health, Not for Profits and the Private Sector. Customers utilise CAMMS’ expertise and solutions to support their requirements in the following areas:

  • Strategy Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Portfolio and Project Management

To find out more about CAMMS’ enterprise solution, Sycle or its software as a service (SaaS) solutions, feel free to visit www.cammsgroup.com

This is a partnership between GK Horizons and CAMMS Group. There is no strategic alliance between Adaptive Insights, a Workday company and CAMMS Group.