Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Streamline planning with Jedox’s Integrated Business Planning Solution. Replace isolated systems with a centralised platform for comprehensive planning, data integration, automated forecasting, and real-time collaboration.

Achieve confident, well-informed decisions with Jedox.

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What can you do with Jedox Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Capabilities?

Predictive Forecasting
& Planning


Reporting &

Planning, Budgeting
& Forecasting

Benefits of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) with Jedox:

  • Achieve comprehensive planning by integrating all relevant data from different areas, branches, and departments into a single platform, ensuring depth and breadth of information.
  • Make informed, real-time decisions by collecting actuals, external and internal dynamics, and diverse information into a centralised and up-to-date planning platform.
  • Streamline planning processes and eliminate manual data collection with Jedox’s automation capabilities, allowing for quicker reactions to budget deviations and changes.
  • Harness AI to simplify data preparation and automate forecasting, making it easier to handle large volumes of data and simplify planning.

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Unlock adaptability with Jedox Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Collaborate seamlessly across your organisation for better decision-making and performance in uncertain times. Explore the power of integrated planning today.

Read the ultimate guide for integrated business planning eBook to learn more about the benefits of implementing adaptable planning across your business.

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Jedox Integrated Business Planning

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