Technology providers are facing regulatory changes, cost of compliance, macroeconomic challenges, a dynamic workforce, and more competition. Focussing on productivity v costs ratio to drive business growth? View the short presentations below to assist with your Planning Optimisation journey.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning for software and technology companies, including B2B subscription waterfalls, B2C lead conversion and cohorts, as well as hiring and OPEX.

Subscription Waterfalls

Subscription waterfalls for the software and technology industry. Forecast new and renewal ACV/ARR, retention, and churn by segment.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning for the technology industry. Budget and reconcile head-count plans to manage a growing workforce.

Sales Rep Productivity

Sales rep productivity for the technology industry. Model sales rep capacity, plan quota coverage, and carve territories.

Cohort Modeling

Cohort modeling for the technology and media industries. Model B2B and B2C subscriber cohorts, retention, lead conversion, and contract ramping.

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With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can collaboratively plan across the enterprise without manual spreadsheets or clunky legacy systems.

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