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Professional Services see trends across Increasing Margins, Revenue Growth, Talent Acquisition and Retention and Digital Transformation. Focussing on productivity v costs ratio to drive business growth? View the short presentations below to assist with your Planning Optimisation journey.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning for professional and business services companies to forecast service engagements and contracts, as well as plan staffing and utilization rates.

Capacity and Utilization Modeling

Capacity and utilization modeling for professional and business services companies. Plan staffing, billable hours, and utilization by project, role, and region, and allocate them across projects.

Portfolio and account profitability for professional and business services companies. Segment revenues and allocate personnel and overhead to drive profitability analysis across projects and customers.

Project Planning

Project planning for professional and business services companies. Forecast billable hours and revenue by project or customer. Track backlog, overrun, and percentage completion.

Sales Pipeline Forecasting

Sales pipeline forecasting for professional and business services companies. Track leads and opportunities to roll up weighted pipeline forecasts for revenue projections.

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With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can collaboratively plan across the enterprise without manual spreadsheets or clunky legacy systems.

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