Board Solutions by Industry

Industry solutions to your planning and analysis challenges

While KPIs, business drivers, challenges, and processes can vary greatly across different industries, all organisations share the need to make critical decisions quicker than ever before. The ability to rapidly uncover insights from growing volumes of data, mitigate financial and operational risks before they become an issue, and reduce manual tasks are all vital to success in today’s fast-paced markets.

Unifying planning, business intelligence, and predictive analytics in a single environment, the Board Decision-Making Platform has helped thousands of organizations to become data-driven leaders in their field. Thanks to its unrivalled scalability and flexibility, Board adapts to industry-specific needs with ease.

Discover some of Board’s key industry capabilities below, and/or get in touch to see how we’ve helped organisations like yours to overcome their planning and analysis challenges.


Transform your retail decision making

Drive efficiency, profitability, and clarity from supplier to store with integrated planning and analytics.


Maximise project efficiency and gain complete transparency of performance

Achieve end-to-end control of your professional services activities with a unified planning and analytics solution that links strategy, finance, and operations


Accelerate Planning and Analytics Transformation in Automotive

The combination of complex R&D, supply chain, and commercial processes with investment in emerging technologies creates significant challenges for those in the Automotive industry.


Increase responsiveness by better connecting strategy and execution

With a unified CPG Decision-Making Platform that drives end-to-end visibility, performance, and collaboration

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