Serious Business Intelligence For Xero

Acterys & Xero – Unparalleled Analytics & Planning

  • One Click access and consolidation of all your Xero companies and other data sources.
  • Fully editable Power BI models & Excel templates.
  • Edit and customise your data model e.g. Adding account mappings, metrics etc.
  • Comprehensive planning functionality: top down/bottom up entry, visual planning, etc.

Acterys & Xero – Serious Business Intelligence

  • Robust: Add unlimited companies from Xero – all data not just summaries, smart updates only processes changes.
  • Versatile: A flexible Excel Add-in with live connection to the data, comprehensive planning and write-back capabilities, automated .pdf reporting and editing of records, for example, adding columns for R&D, export grants, etc.
  • Unparalleled Planning, Reporting, Visualization: 9 Microsoft ‘Preferred’/’Editors Choice’ Power BI custom visuals for Xero automated reporting and all aspects of planning and forecasting.
  • Governance & Security: Audit trails, granular read and write, user functional and data access rights. Acterys also comes with comprehensive security policies, certified by Microsoft.
  • Global presence & support 24/7 and a 40+ partner network.

Like to know more about Acterys? Click here to reach out.

Like to know more about Acterys? Click here to reach out.