The Value of a Frictionless Platform

How to improve resource allocation with a single system for planning,
execution, and analysis.

The Value of a Frictionless Platform

Friction in your planning, execution, and analysis processes disrupts the flow of data to decision-makers.

It also makes it difficult to quickly adapt and reallocate resources when they are most needed.

Whitepaper excerpt:
“Resource allocation and the resulting returns delivered by most management teams suffer from excess friction in planning, execution, and analysis. System rigidity hampers agility, an attribute critical in today’s turbulent business environment.

A technology platform that reduces friction, drives efficiency and coherence among these activities, and
improves resource allocation and nimbleness can multiply returns in a remarkably short time.”

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The causes of friction in planning, execution and analysis
How to overcome those sources of friction
How to effectively leverage a frictionless system to empower decision-making


Why Choose GK Horizons?

If your organisation needs transformational change or is in a growth phase, then your finance team needs to be equipped to play their part.

Our aim is to enable your office of finance to make planning easier and become a trustworthy data-driven decision making team.

Are you looking for a partner with:

  • Experience and consultancy aptitude;
  • A transformational approach to people, processes and technology (current to future state);
  • Strong technology vendor relationships; and,
  • A long term success mindset.

If so, then please contact the team today.

We look to promote longevity in our partnerships by developing win/win scenarios and unlocking our clients’ future thinking.

“GK Horizons are extremely professional and knowledgeable in the finance area which Hill Laboratories felt was part of the success of our implementation. GK Horizons’ knowledge of the product meant that they were able to actively contribute to the design process by putting forward solutions and/or alternate options on the structure and how the solution could best be utilised. This combined with their finance and accounting skills meant they were able to build it specific to Hill Laboratories needs.”

Alistair Brown, CFO, Hill Laboratories