5 Tips to Leverage the Power of Scenario Planning

In this eBook, you’ll learn about the five best practices that are critical to scenario planning successes:

  • Modelling multiple scenarios concurrently;
  • Enabling rolling forecasts;
  • Aligning everyone on the same numbers;
  • Increasing business ownership of scenarios;
  • Combining top-down and bottom-up models and assumptions.

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The Game-Changing Power of Scenario Planning

eBook ‘The Game-Changing Power of Scenario Planning’ provides the ability to orchestrate data-driven decisions so you can respond effectively to changing market conditions.

From the book

“Finance professionals say they take an average of 77 days to complete an annual budget and 20 more to perform a forecast, according to the Association of Finance Professionals.
With a cycle that slow, it’s difficult to provide a rolling view of the organisation or make time for strategic analysis.”

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