Finance Agility Assessment

Agility is key to survival in today’s uncertain and hyper-competitive business environment.

How agile is your finance function? Take the GK Horizons Finance Agility Assessment to determine your company’s business agility score.

 This assessment should only take about 5 minutes

Finance Agility Assessment
1) What tasks take up most of your finance team’s time each day?
2) How much time does your finance team spend each week on administrative tasks?
3) How frequently does your finance team conduct forward planning?
4) What type of data do you use for planning and forecasting?
5) How much time does your finance team take to provide data insights for decision makers?
6) Who is responsible for data management in your organisation?
7) How long does it take to achieve alignment between finance and operational teams on key KPI data and analysis?
8) Could any improvements be made regarding your what-if scenario process?
9) How close is the finance team’s partnership with other business functions?
10) How much time does the finance team spend per planning cycle reconciling data between people and systems?
11) How much visibility into planning does the finance team have across the business?
12) How closely do operational planning and reporting align to the organisation’s strategic objectives?
13) How does technology support financial planning?
14) How much time does it take the finance team to identify root causes of budgetary issues and course-correct?
15) How well do you think your organisation is adapting in the current dynamic market?
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