Introduction: Setting the Stage for optimising roster costs and staffing demands in NDIS

Managing roster costs and staffing demands for NDIS providers can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. But fear not! Our whitepaper, “Scenario-Driven Success: Strategic Modelling & Forecasting for NDIS Roster Cost Control & Optimal Staffing,” coupled with our innovative “Roster Cost and Coverage Solution,” provides the strategic guidance and practical tools you need. Read the whitepaper here. Request a demo here

Confronting Financial and Operational Challenges

In the intricate ecosystem of the NDIS, service providers face a complex matrix of challenges. Achieving operational resilience and financial acumen requires a delicate balance. Providers must offer comprehensive support while navigating a complex funding landscape.

  • Escalating Financial Pressures – NDIS providers are navigating a tumultuous financial environment. Funding rates are diminishing while operational costs rise. This financial squeeze forces providers to rethink strategies for managing roster costs, a significant part of operational expenditures.
  • Aligning Funding with Operational Costs – The core challenge in financial management within the NDIS lies in aligning funding with operational costs. Providers strive to ensure that the funding received covers the costs of delivering high-quality care. This alignment is crucial for maintaining financial health and continuing service.
  • Roster Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting – Accurate forecasting of roster budgets and cash flows is pivotal. Current systems often lack the agility and precision needed. This deficiency hampers providers’ ability to plan financially, manage cash flow efficiently, and make informed staffing decisions.

The Roster Cost and Coverage Solution

As NDIS providers grapple with fluctuating roster costs and the challenge of maintaining optimal staff coverage, our “Roster Cost and Coverage Solution” offers a sophisticated solution designed to bring efficiency and accuracy to your financial and operational planning.

This solution allows providers to forecast roster costs and coverage with precision, optimise staff allocation, and manage changes across the organisation through a single entry. It supports detailed financial forecasts and scenario planning, enhancing both operational efficiency and financial stability with the following capabilities:

  • Accurate Costing and Budget Forecasting: Fast and accurate roster budget and cashflow forecasting make this tool easy to use, flexible, and customisable. It can be tailored to take into account any item you need, providing the most accurate financial forecast for your schedule.
  • Real-Time Cash Flow Visibility: Measure fluctuating line items against margins to give real-time visibility of cash flows. This feature allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the cost of changes to staff rosters, helping you make the best decisions for your business based on a highly accurate forecast of your cash flow, thus reducing the risk of losses and maintaining sustainability in a tight margin environment.
  • Comprehensive Cost Management: Calculate roster wage costs based on any combination of SCHADS, other awards, or multiple EBAs. The tools also allow you to cost manpower budgets down to the individual days accurately, and forecast new rosters and their costs as participant requirements change. You can assess the sustainability of a particular asset, like an individual residence, by comparing roster costs to funding to provide a contribution/loss comparison.
  • Advanced Scenario Planning: Run different scenarios based on funding and roster expectations. Compare staff costs across multiple scenarios for different roster structures and allowances. With the ability to test scenarios and make changes easily, you can save on NDIS provider hours while ensuring coverage.

These features collectively make the Roster Cost and Coverage Solution an indispensable tool for NDIS providers aiming to navigate the complexities of cost management and staff scheduling effectively.

The Need for Nimbleness

Achieving financial sustainability in NDIS requires flexibility. Our whitepaper underscores the importance of strategic modelling and forecasting. These tools optimise resources, cut unnecessary costs, and align staffing effectively. They maintain high care standards, crucial for service quality.

The Magic of Modelling

Think of scenario planning as your navigational aid in the complex journey of NDIS management. Whether it’s a sudden policy change or an unexpected shift in participant needs, scenario-driven strategies keep you one step ahead, ensuring that your organisation not only survives but thrives.

A Roadmap to Resilience

“Scenario-Driven Success: Strategic Modelling & Forecasting for NDIS Roster Cost Control & Optimal Staffing” offers more than just theory. It includes practical applications of technology, best practices, and real-world case studies. For example, by integrating advanced forecasting software with real-time data, one of our clients reduced their operational costs by 15% while improving staff satisfaction and client outcomes.

Your Guide Through the NDIS Management Maze

Our whitepaper is crafted specifically for finance and operational leaders in the NDIS sector. CFOs, COOs, and Heads of Commercial will find it invaluable. It’s filled with insights that turn challenges into opportunities for cost control and staffing efficiency.

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