Sales Performance Management

Streamline sales planning and forecasting with Jedox’s Sales Performance Management Solution. Achieve predictability, scalability, and transparency for faster growth. Request a demo to save time, automate tasks, and leverage AI for more accurate forecasts and strategic sales planning.

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What can you do with Jedox Sales Performance Management?

Intelligent Sales

Strategic Sales

Territory Planning &
Sales Quotas

Planning Sales Incentives
& Sales Compensation

Benefits of Sales Performance Management with Jedox:

  • Benefit from AI-assisted planning for continuous and accurate sales forecasting, helping you respond quickly to deviations and make data-driven decisions.
  • Scales your sales operations efficiently by simplifying and shortening planning cycles, which allows for faster growth and adaptability to changing market conditions.
  • Gain transparency across your sales processes, territories, quotas, and compensation models, ensuring clarity in decision-making and conflict management.
  • Plan your sales growth collaboratively, integrate data from various sources, and create actionable plans that can be quickly implemented with your team.
  • Plan and segment territories and sales quotas with flexibility, making it easier to adjust to unforeseen events and achieve sales goals reliably.

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